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Multi-fi Film and Animation Director

Marketing's Mid Life Crisis - by Mark Ritson.
Tired Parents 2018 Omnibus
The Wolfman 2020 HD
Shut Up DJ
Guinea Pig Jingle Bells
Cat and Rory Teaser
The Wolf of Christmas Night
Jeeves and Windsor
Celebrity Tired Parents- Ep 01 Will and Kate discuss nannies
Tired Parents Episode 04- 'I Need to Get Some Potatoes'
The Pod Techno Dawn
Tired Parents2018-  Are Your Faking It?
The Pod. part i.  The Animated Adventures.
Tired Parents 2018- Oh No.. It's The New Parents!
Guinea Pig Jingle Bells
Tired Parents 2018- It's The Way You Say It
The Tired Parents: Sleep anywhere
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