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Multi-fi Film and Animation Director


Viral Singles Covers AI 13b.png
I Am Not Your Pet | Animals in Therapy | On the Edge
Dating Advice ft. Steve The Kakapo | Animals in Therapy | On the Edge
The Forgotten Animals of Christmas
Real Planet: Best Bits
Tired Parents Episode 04- 'I Need to Get Some Potatoes'
Compare The Market- Sick Sergei
Shut Up DJ
Britvic- J2O campaign
Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement - Get Up (Rattle) (Official Video) | Ministry of Sound
Real McCoys
The Wolfman 2020 HD
IAMS Brush
The Wolf of Christmas Night
Guinea Pig Jingle Bells
Tired Parents Series 02- Compilation
Jeeves and Windsor
Dreamies- Snacky Mouse
Cat and Rory Teaser
Celebrity Tired Parents- Ep 01 Will and Kate discuss nannies
Comcast- Xfinity
Beano Online Campaign
Bethany and Mike Pop Video
Play Station 02 Advert
The Marriage Ref- Title Sequence
IAMS- 30 Second Ad
Tired Parents 2018- Illness
I Do Aye-Aye | Animals in Therapy | On the Edge
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